Thursday, October 27, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 31, October 26th

Day 31

Weight: 148 lbs(?)

Today I completed 31 days on the HCG protocol. I had to do a very special hike, so in my lunch hour I went to Tennessee Valley. The day was perfect, sunny and clear. I decided to take Coyote Ridge and see the view of the valley and ocean from a different angle. I climbed for 45 minutes. What an splendid view of the Pacific ocean and all the coastal ridges... perfect scenery!! On my way back, as I was entering the Tennessee Valley trail again, I saw the most magnificent mountain lion. He was just standing right there about 10 feet from me... I just stood still, looking at him as he was looking at me with an attitude of indifference. I was not afraid at that moment - I was astonished! Here I was in front of what I always dread to encounter during my hikes... and yet I felt peaceful and blessed by such a magnificent creature!!

I turned my head for split second to see if anybody else was witnessing the mountain lion, and noticed another hiker that was just turning the corner... when I saw the mountain lion disappear into the bushes.... like a vision, I saw the wave of the bushes as he climbed the hill... That was a true totem, and an omen of courage and strength!

After that special event I felt blessed all day. I can't even recall my weight this morning, life was magical and a total feeling of love surrounded me for the rest of the day!!

HCG Diet: Day 28-29, October 23-24th

Days 28th-29th on HCG

Weight Day 28: 149 lbs
Weight Day 29: 148.50... yeah!!

On the 29th day I did a big jump!

I have been active, exploring the beauty of Fall by Ojo Caliente Springs, and of course soaking up in the hot springs was sure a treat!

For traveling and being active, I have kept good control of my food, portion size, quality. I am pretty much right on target with my protocol.

Some days it seems like the scale is not budging. I get impatient, but then... it just starts going down in the right direction.

Tomorrow, will be my first full month anniversary on the HCG protocol... a big milestone!! I will also be leaving my beautiful Santa Fe. I am very grateful for God's support in this journey, and for the support of my loving husband!

Thank you God for bringing "Heaven on Earth" on my daily existence. I truly feel blessed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 27, October 22nd

Day 27 on HCG

Weight: 149.5 lbs.

The scale did not move!! Well, I know what happened... I had a very steep hike up by the Santa Fe ski basin, on the beautiful Aspen Vista trail. It was fabulous to see the trees before they drop their golden foliage.

The hike was intense at 10.000 ft. above sea level.

I was able to handle one and a half hours of hiking... It came with the cost of overexertion: fluid retention. That's my hypothesis.

I also mixed strawberries and one pomegranate for desert. I was just going to have half of the pomegranate, but it tasted sooo good, I could not stop.... Ha ha!

Today I slept late. The casita was so cozy, I did not get to town until 2:00 pm, in perfect time for my grilled buffalo burger with lots of greens, and lots of chile verde for flavor!

My friend Guadalupe was having a fashion show event at her shop. It was really fun to get dressed up and get complements from friends on my new figure...... I love Santa Fe!!

HCG Diet: Day 25-26, October 20-21st

Day 25-26

On Day 26 my weight is 149.5 lbs.

I am finally out of the 150s barrier. I am jumping and dancing with spirit this glorious, sunny morning!

Beautiful Friday morning in Santa Fe. Woke up feeling good after a long day of travel. I did very good traveling, I had my grilled chicken from the night before with baby spinach, had lots of herbal teas, my apple and lots of water. I felt relaxed even in the midst of traveling in airport chaos.....

Now I am back to "Present time" in my heaven. I am preparing myself for the sight of the forest of Aspen trees with their gorgeous golden leaves. I will take a good hike..... absorbing the Fall season at its peak!

I am a Fall color person. I love all the richness and hues of the golden to the rust colors, these are my colors!

The only thing missing from my "heaven" is my soulmate David. He was not able to come with me to our Santa Fe, but we will be back and truly have a wonderful white Christmas!

HCG Diet: Day 22-24, October 17-19th

Day 22-24 on HCG

Day 24: weight: 151 Lbs
BMI: 26.9%

I am BMI went to the 26.9 range compare to 30 just one month ago!!!

I am preparing to go out of my comfort zone, and travel to Santa Fe, NM... my favorite city in USA.

Santa Fe will be safe, as they have lots of delicious organic foods. I got the perfect casita with a well-equipped kitchen. I will be able to cook most of my meals!

I mostly want to see the golden Aspen trees and feel the fall season in its peak splendor. I am thankful!

HCG Diet: Day 21, October 16th

Day 21 on HCG

Weight: 153 lbs!!!

The scale is moving in the right direction...I am very happy!!

Today is going to be a wonderful day... I started with a deep meditation, centering myself in the Divine Presence.. I fell peaceful and my heart is open.

I want to spend the whole day in a contemplative state, go for a hike, enjoy my husband's company, read inspirational books, and just enjoy the simplicity of the moment!

I am very thankful for this whole process of renewal, as I change my physique, my mind and consciousness are also shifting... I can perceive more the subtle energies that make life more vibrant and magical... "Life is Good"

Monday, October 24, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 20, October 15th

Day 20 on HCG

Weight: 154 Lbs. Before: 172 Lbs

Bust-40".......before was 44"
Waist 36"......before was 39"
Hips--40.......before was 44"
I have lost a total of 11"

Yesterday was kind of a rushed day. I had lots of personal appointments,
and I did not lose a significant amount of weight, but I feel lighter and on track. When I think that back in January I was 172 lbs, then I did a no grains, no sugar diet for three months and went to 167 lbs. Now with HCG in less than three weeks I am at 154 lbs. I have come a long way baby!

Today I have been feeling frustrated, trying to deal with customer service is not my favorite task, but I had to spend the time and clarify some travel logistics.
I need to turn the computer off and go for a hike, breathe some fresh air and clear my head!!

Tomorrow I have to decide if I need to continue for another three weeks on the HCG. Right now I have not meet the requirements of losing at least 10% of my body weight to really reset my hypothalamus.

I could take a six week break and then do another round of HCG, or just continue the journey for another three weeks... That is the question of the day.

I ask for Divine Guidance at this present crossroad....

HCG Diet: Day 19, October 14th

Day 19 on HCG

Weight 154 Lbs. Another milestone!!

The scale is moving again in the right direction! I knew there was a blockage and my sister Alma helped me yesterday with a great hydrocolonic and abdominal massage... what a great release!!

Keeping a log has help me see my milestones, setbacks, and blockages. I feel more in tune with my body. I really like this side effect for the positive... I am constantly guided to make the right choices.

One of the choices was traveling. I really wanted to go to New York to see my family, my good friend Margaret, and the beautiful splendor of Autumn's golden trees.

I still have my ticket ready to go, but I feel vulnerable traveling during this period of intense changes in my body... My inner guidance is telling me to wait for the right time to gather with family and friends. I'm waiting for the time when we can truly enjoy each other without so many dietary restrictions.

Thanksgiving will be that time of gathering, celebrating, enjoying life to the fullest, a time to really be thankful for all the positive changes in our lives!!

HCG Diet: Day 17&18, October 12-13th

17, 18th day on HCG

Weight: 155 lbs

I'm on a plateau again, but only on the scale.... My inches are dropping away. I lost 3 " in the waist, 3" hips, 3" chest. I was size 14, and now I can fit in size 10-12!!

I am feeling more feminine, and enjoying the new treasure hunts in my closet. I am finding clothes that were almost new and I was unable to wear, now these garments are going to be enjoyed. I am ecstatic.

In four days I will check my BMI if is 25 or below. I will stop the 500 cal protocol. If the scale does not move down to at least 10% of my original weight and the BMI still above 25, I might have to continue for another three weeks.
My goal is to lose 30 lbs. and reset my hypothalamus so my weight is stabilized to the new weight.

The journey continues.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HCG Diet: Graph of Weight Loss

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 16, October 11th

16th day on HCG

Weight: 155 lbs (Yahoo!!)

Finally the weight loss is moving again!!!

I had a perfect day yesterday, I decided to come home and make my own lunch....It was fantastic!!

My food was delicious, and I did not have to wait around in a restaurant and hope that my food was prepared correctly.

I had a very busy day at my office, I was there until 8:00 pm, full of energy. I was smart and had my 5 strawberries around 5:30 pm and along with my HCG drops I was able to have a full day without any fatigue.

My water intake was much better, and I regulated my blood sugar through the day. I also took Paloma for a 1/2 hr walk. When I am perfect the scale moves!!!

Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback, it really helps me in my journey!!

HCG Diet: Day 15, October 10th

15th day on HCG

Weight: 156.5

This weekend was kind of special having my friend Petra around. We also had Fleet Week; the Blue Angels were flying around at the speed of sound, making everything seem very festive... We were celebrating, great weather, outings, noisy skies with lots of powerful planes flying close to the ground and then reaching high to the skies while doing circles and writing messages in perfect symmetry... What a sight!!

Today is the beginning of my third week on HCG. I feel like I am not losing as much as I should.

There was some setbacks:
-Exercise was not consistent, at the beginning of last week I did not hike, then on the weekend I was exercising too excessively.
-This weekend we went out too much, and is harder to control quantity, besides, restaurants tend to marinate a lot, and that is the major problem....oil slips in!!!
-Yesterday, my water intake was lower than usual. I need at least two litters of water per day for proper releasing of toxins and fat...
-Blood sugar regulation: I went too long between meals, and this is not a good thing!!

Starting today I will take all these factors in consideration, and look forward for today's thoughts, activities, and food that will bring me back on track, and set a good pace for the whole week!!!

HCG Diet: Day 12&13, October 7-8th

12th & 13th day on HCG

Weight on 12th day: 157.5 lbs
Weight today: 157 lbs

I did not lose that much in the scale, but I did a big uphill hike yesterday and I usually retain more fluids after strenuous exercise. However, my cloths are fitting better and I am enjoying being a fashionista!

My mood is great, I feel very creative...I am planning Health Lectures and events that will grow my practice to the next level. I feel back in track with my passion for healing and expanding my consciousness ..... I am on purpose!

The food is very enjoyable and my energy level is quite optimal.
I need to meditate more.

Right now we have a guest from Puerto Vallarta, my good friend Petra, and I am enjoying taking long hikes with her and my doggies.

HCG Diet: First Week Summary

September 26th to October 3rd, 2011
Starting weight: 166 lbs
Current weight: 160 lbs
BMI: 30

Today is my first full week on the very low 500 calorie HCG protocol.

I would never venture to do this diet without the HCG. Actually it will be very dangerous without HCG I would waste away!

HCG targets the Hypocampus and Hypothalamus in my brain to reset fat deposits. During the low calorie period while using HCG, my body will use up the abnormal fat only for energy! Fantastic!

I am doing all this to reset my hypothalamus, so my weight will remain constant at the healthy set point for my body. No yo-yo dieting!!

I am also learning to eat the right foods and portions in order to have a healthy active life. "Eat to live...not, live to eat" is a very wise proverb!!!

I am very excited to start this journey of self discovery, and truly bring the clarity, lightness of being and the beauty within...

I am very happy, and wanted to share my insights!

HCG Diet - Day 11, October 6th

11th day on HCG

Weight: 158 Lbs
Before: 167 Lbs!

I am so amazed at how my body is responding to this protocol.

All obese and overweight people doing the HCG weight loss cure should be very thankful to Dr. Simmons for this miraculous discovery over 30 years ago!!!

Think about it: royal families and all the rich and famous have been enjoying the benefits of HCG for decades, and kept this a very guarded secret!!

I am glad the secret is out and all of us can enjoy a fit, lean, healthy body.

I am very glad the weight and inches keep dropping off. I was trying on beautiful jackets that I was not able to wear before - now they fit so much better!

Food is pretty much the same with a few variations. I am making my food fun and spicy. I look forward to every morsel!

HCG Diet - Day 10, October 5th

10th day HCG weight loss log

Weight: 158.5

I woke up very energetic and with a good feeling inside. Ready for positive changes and in state of expectancy... I know good things are coming my way, I just keep planting and cultivating my inner garden.

The HCG diet is now well integrated into my routine. I feel completely supported by the universe. I am able to find infinite pleasure in my simple meals, they are very satisfying. Combining different spices like ginger, herbs, garlic and lemon, I find I can make a humble chicken breast taste so delicious!!

What can I say to sum it all up?

I am ecstatic about this whole process .

HCG Diet - Day 8, October 3rd

8th day on HCG Weight loss
Weight: 160.5

I did not log yesterday, it was Sunday and I felt like I was in a plateau and very constipated.

I gave good energy during the day, and have an overall feeling of wellbeing. I do notice that I need less sleep, but I am also going to bed earlier than usual.

The plateau is normal due to water retention. Still, seeing a 1/2 pound decrease helps my motivation!

HCG Diet - Day 6, October 1st

6th day HCG weight loss log

Weight: 161
- not a very significant variation!

I was disappointed, but I could see where I went off the path!

I went to eat sushi, no rice, oils or avocados.
- Yellow tail sashimi
- Hand roll with seaweed, yellow tail,
cucumber, asparagus.
-Miso soup with seaweed
-Green tea

-All seemed very kosher, but I mixed vegetables, miso or low sodium Tamari, and seaweeds are not allowed in the HCGprotocol.

I did a good thing yesterday though....I went shopping for the proteins, veggies, and fruits allowed in this 500 cal period. Then I went home and did a marathon of preparation, weighing, and cooking, enough for the next 7 days

-No more restaurant food, I am tire of all the variables. I want to be in control, and have a successful weight loss cure for life!!

HCG Diet - Day 3, September 28th

Third day on HCG

Woke up feeling good and clear, had a good meditation !

Weight 163.5

-Hiked Tennessee Valley after lunch
Great day, it was warm and clear... Perfect day for a costal hike, I felt energized!

I did not lose as much as in the first day. I noticed combining two veggies adding just 10 grams of protein, letting my blood sugar drop too low, might influence the weight fluctuation!

Back to being very extrict with the protocol. It proof that I can only eat one vegetable a per meal, no more tomatoes in my salad....

I also had a microcurrent treatment with Alma, I will check next week if that is affecting my protocol, is hard to say because I had too many variables.

Day 3 menu:
Drops before meals & through the day
Same breakfast- 1/apple & tea

Grilled chicken breast -117 grams

Afternoon snack:
-5 strawberries
-Reebos tea & stevia

Dinner (Vin Antico):
-128 grams of grass fed steak
-organic salad & tomato

HCG Diet - Day 2, September 27th

Second Day on HCG

Weight - 164 (3 lbs lighter!)

Woke up with a slight headache, but after meditation I felt clear, and emotionally uplifted! God is my support and guidance. Thank you God for helping me get healthier, clear in mind and body!!

Menu for the day
-HCG drops 10 d -4X/D
- HGH Vital 10d 3X
-D-tox 1-2-3 -30d3x w/ water

2-cups of green tea
Lots of H2O

Lunch - I love the grilled calamari salad at Fish, very satisfying.... added a few tomatoes & had 120 gr. of calamari...Went for more today!

Dinner- Repeated Il Fornaio Grilled chicken breast and org. Broccoli.added spinach to dinner, had 1/2 of gressini stick

Low blood sugar: I have been letting my blood sugar drop a bit low these two days. I need to time my food better...
After an unsuccessful attend to have dinner in the city, I literally could not find a kosher thing to eat!

The lesson I got is I need to make my meals at home for the best results and control the portions better!

HCG Diet - First day, September 26th

HCG - First day menu 9/26

Initial weight- 167

Breakfast: 15 min before HCG & Vitality drops, followed by D-tox drops.
- 1 apple
- 2 cups of black tea
- water

- Grilled calamari salad
Dressing- lemon juice, minced garlic, jalapeños, Xylitol for sweetness.

Snack 5pm
5 strawberries

Dinner(Il Fornaio)
-Free range grilled chicken breast
- broccolini

Took HACG 4X - HCH Vital 3X-D-tox drops throuh day
Lots of water ( 2 liters)

First day of my protocol, I feel a bit hungry, I drink water and take my HCG homeopathic drops and the fatigue vanishes. I also went for walks with my helps reduced the desire for food.

Meditation helps me feel peaceful,
I feel like the Universe is giving me all the support I need to do this HCG protocol right, and get to my ideal, healthy weight.