Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 25-26, October 20-21st

Day 25-26

On Day 26 my weight is 149.5 lbs.

I am finally out of the 150s barrier. I am jumping and dancing with spirit this glorious, sunny morning!

Beautiful Friday morning in Santa Fe. Woke up feeling good after a long day of travel. I did very good traveling, I had my grilled chicken from the night before with baby spinach, had lots of herbal teas, my apple and lots of water. I felt relaxed even in the midst of traveling in airport chaos.....

Now I am back to "Present time" in my heaven. I am preparing myself for the sight of the forest of Aspen trees with their gorgeous golden leaves. I will take a good hike..... absorbing the Fall season at its peak!

I am a Fall color person. I love all the richness and hues of the golden to the rust colors, these are my colors!

The only thing missing from my "heaven" is my soulmate David. He was not able to come with me to our Santa Fe, but we will be back and truly have a wonderful white Christmas!


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