Monday, October 24, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 19, October 14th

Day 19 on HCG

Weight 154 Lbs. Another milestone!!

The scale is moving again in the right direction! I knew there was a blockage and my sister Alma helped me yesterday with a great hydrocolonic and abdominal massage... what a great release!!

Keeping a log has help me see my milestones, setbacks, and blockages. I feel more in tune with my body. I really like this side effect for the positive... I am constantly guided to make the right choices.

One of the choices was traveling. I really wanted to go to New York to see my family, my good friend Margaret, and the beautiful splendor of Autumn's golden trees.

I still have my ticket ready to go, but I feel vulnerable traveling during this period of intense changes in my body... My inner guidance is telling me to wait for the right time to gather with family and friends. I'm waiting for the time when we can truly enjoy each other without so many dietary restrictions.

Thanksgiving will be that time of gathering, celebrating, enjoying life to the fullest, a time to really be thankful for all the positive changes in our lives!!


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