Thursday, October 27, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 31, October 26th

Day 31

Weight: 148 lbs(?)

Today I completed 31 days on the HCG protocol. I had to do a very special hike, so in my lunch hour I went to Tennessee Valley. The day was perfect, sunny and clear. I decided to take Coyote Ridge and see the view of the valley and ocean from a different angle. I climbed for 45 minutes. What an splendid view of the Pacific ocean and all the coastal ridges... perfect scenery!! On my way back, as I was entering the Tennessee Valley trail again, I saw the most magnificent mountain lion. He was just standing right there about 10 feet from me... I just stood still, looking at him as he was looking at me with an attitude of indifference. I was not afraid at that moment - I was astonished! Here I was in front of what I always dread to encounter during my hikes... and yet I felt peaceful and blessed by such a magnificent creature!!

I turned my head for split second to see if anybody else was witnessing the mountain lion, and noticed another hiker that was just turning the corner... when I saw the mountain lion disappear into the bushes.... like a vision, I saw the wave of the bushes as he climbed the hill... That was a true totem, and an omen of courage and strength!

After that special event I felt blessed all day. I can't even recall my weight this morning, life was magical and a total feeling of love surrounded me for the rest of the day!!


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