Thursday, October 27, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 28-29, October 23-24th

Days 28th-29th on HCG

Weight Day 28: 149 lbs
Weight Day 29: 148.50... yeah!!

On the 29th day I did a big jump!

I have been active, exploring the beauty of Fall by Ojo Caliente Springs, and of course soaking up in the hot springs was sure a treat!

For traveling and being active, I have kept good control of my food, portion size, quality. I am pretty much right on target with my protocol.

Some days it seems like the scale is not budging. I get impatient, but then... it just starts going down in the right direction.

Tomorrow, will be my first full month anniversary on the HCG protocol... a big milestone!! I will also be leaving my beautiful Santa Fe. I am very grateful for God's support in this journey, and for the support of my loving husband!

Thank you God for bringing "Heaven on Earth" on my daily existence. I truly feel blessed.


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