Wednesday, November 02, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 34, October 29

Day 34 on HCG

Weight 147 lbs.
Lost 2 1/2" around waist
Waist is 34"
Abdomen 32"

The inches are dropping, the scale is not moving as fast as I want, but I am happy to conserve my muscle mass....I love my hiking!

Yesterday there was a lot of activity in my house, so I went to Sonoma and got adjusted by my favorite chiropractor, Dr. Robert Adams. Robert and I went to Palmer College and graduated in June of 1987!

Sonoma is really picturesque town. It has great food, unless you are doing my protocol. I was really hungry, so I ventured to one of my favorite eateries... I managed to get steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and organic grilled steak..... I could only eat a very small amount of this huge steak.... David had dinner ready when he got home!

It is amazing how much money I am saving doing HCG. I always have to divide a portion of protein into two. I cannot eat the same protein for dinner that I have for lunch, so David gets the other half!

David has lost 36 lbs himself without HCG drops!!!! Bravo!

I was really comfy in my urban outwear. I felt like just enjoying the freshly clean house and the late sunny afternoon in my patio, while I patiently eat a delicious pomegranate. I have been craving this fruit lately.... It is not really allowed on the HCG protocol, but my body really needs its nutrients and antioxidants. Just following my body signals... and a small craving for something different from the three fruits is allowed!


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