Wednesday, November 02, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 32, October 27

Day 32 on HCG

Weight 147.5

After all the excitement of my Wednesday hike, on Thursday I took the dogs for a very invigorating hike around my neighborhood. I didn't see any mountain lions around, only deer and rabbits, thank God!

My weight keeps dropping. I need to get more consistent with weighing my proteins. I have been eyeballing the portion size when I go to restaurants.

Overall, my food is more variable and tasty. While in Santa Fe, I got in the habit of adding chile verde to my food. It makes fish filets and veggies more appetizing!

This weekend, I am preparing for my event at Pharmaca. I will be giving a presentation there on my HCG protocol... Very exciting! I will be telling people that there is a real "weight loss cure" available, and I am a living example!!


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