Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 15, October 10th

15th day on HCG

Weight: 156.5

This weekend was kind of special having my friend Petra around. We also had Fleet Week; the Blue Angels were flying around at the speed of sound, making everything seem very festive... We were celebrating, great weather, outings, noisy skies with lots of powerful planes flying close to the ground and then reaching high to the skies while doing circles and writing messages in perfect symmetry... What a sight!!

Today is the beginning of my third week on HCG. I feel like I am not losing as much as I should.

There was some setbacks:
-Exercise was not consistent, at the beginning of last week I did not hike, then on the weekend I was exercising too excessively.
-This weekend we went out too much, and is harder to control quantity, besides, restaurants tend to marinate a lot, and that is the major problem....oil slips in!!!
-Yesterday, my water intake was lower than usual. I need at least two litters of water per day for proper releasing of toxins and fat...
-Blood sugar regulation: I went too long between meals, and this is not a good thing!!

Starting today I will take all these factors in consideration, and look forward for today's thoughts, activities, and food that will bring me back on track, and set a good pace for the whole week!!!


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