Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 12&13, October 7-8th

12th & 13th day on HCG

Weight on 12th day: 157.5 lbs
Weight today: 157 lbs

I did not lose that much in the scale, but I did a big uphill hike yesterday and I usually retain more fluids after strenuous exercise. However, my cloths are fitting better and I am enjoying being a fashionista!

My mood is great, I feel very creative...I am planning Health Lectures and events that will grow my practice to the next level. I feel back in track with my passion for healing and expanding my consciousness ..... I am on purpose!

The food is very enjoyable and my energy level is quite optimal.
I need to meditate more.

Right now we have a guest from Puerto Vallarta, my good friend Petra, and I am enjoying taking long hikes with her and my doggies.


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