Wednesday, November 02, 2011

HCG Diet: Day 37-38, November 1-2

Days 37-38 on HCG

Weight: 145.5 lbs.

21 pounds lighter!!

Today is my last day taking the HCG drops... The next three days are going to be challenging. Doing the same low 500 calories, but no drops!!!

I am very pleased with the results. By the end of this week, my new weight will be set. I will run my BMI and if it is below 25, I will not need to do another HCG 500 calorie round to lose the last 10 lbs. I will do the 1000 calorie protocol along with HCG. I also will need to add resistance exercise for toning, and more interval training.

This will be the future project after a six weeks break, when I can eat all kinds of delicious foods except for sugar & starches.

Thanksgiving will be very special. I will be with my son, his wife, my grandson and my husband in "The Big Apple", all of us enjoying each other, sharing great food... and celebrating our success stories!!


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