Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet - Day 11, October 6th

11th day on HCG

Weight: 158 Lbs
Before: 167 Lbs!

I am so amazed at how my body is responding to this protocol.

All obese and overweight people doing the HCG weight loss cure should be very thankful to Dr. Simmons for this miraculous discovery over 30 years ago!!!

Think about it: royal families and all the rich and famous have been enjoying the benefits of HCG for decades, and kept this a very guarded secret!!

I am glad the secret is out and all of us can enjoy a fit, lean, healthy body.

I am very glad the weight and inches keep dropping off. I was trying on beautiful jackets that I was not able to wear before - now they fit so much better!

Food is pretty much the same with a few variations. I am making my food fun and spicy. I look forward to every morsel!


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