Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet - Day 3, September 28th

Third day on HCG

Woke up feeling good and clear, had a good meditation !

Weight 163.5

-Hiked Tennessee Valley after lunch
Great day, it was warm and clear... Perfect day for a costal hike, I felt energized!

I did not lose as much as in the first day. I noticed combining two veggies adding just 10 grams of protein, letting my blood sugar drop too low, might influence the weight fluctuation!

Back to being very extrict with the protocol. It proof that I can only eat one vegetable a per meal, no more tomatoes in my salad....

I also had a microcurrent treatment with Alma, I will check next week if that is affecting my protocol, is hard to say because I had too many variables.

Day 3 menu:
Drops before meals & through the day
Same breakfast- 1/apple & tea

Grilled chicken breast -117 grams

Afternoon snack:
-5 strawberries
-Reebos tea & stevia

Dinner (Vin Antico):
-128 grams of grass fed steak
-organic salad & tomato


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