Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet - Day 2, September 27th

Second Day on HCG

Weight - 164 (3 lbs lighter!)

Woke up with a slight headache, but after meditation I felt clear, and emotionally uplifted! God is my support and guidance. Thank you God for helping me get healthier, clear in mind and body!!

Menu for the day
-HCG drops 10 d -4X/D
- HGH Vital 10d 3X
-D-tox 1-2-3 -30d3x w/ water

2-cups of green tea
Lots of H2O

Lunch - I love the grilled calamari salad at Fish, very satisfying.... added a few tomatoes & had 120 gr. of calamari...Went for more today!

Dinner- Repeated Il Fornaio Grilled chicken breast and org. Broccoli.added spinach to dinner, had 1/2 of gressini stick

Low blood sugar: I have been letting my blood sugar drop a bit low these two days. I need to time my food better...
After an unsuccessful attend to have dinner in the city, I literally could not find a kosher thing to eat!

The lesson I got is I need to make my meals at home for the best results and control the portions better!


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