Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HCG Diet - Day 6, October 1st

6th day HCG weight loss log

Weight: 161
- not a very significant variation!

I was disappointed, but I could see where I went off the path!

I went to eat sushi, no rice, oils or avocados.
- Yellow tail sashimi
- Hand roll with seaweed, yellow tail,
cucumber, asparagus.
-Miso soup with seaweed
-Green tea

-All seemed very kosher, but I mixed vegetables, miso or low sodium Tamari, and seaweeds are not allowed in the HCGprotocol.

I did a good thing yesterday though....I went shopping for the proteins, veggies, and fruits allowed in this 500 cal period. Then I went home and did a marathon of preparation, weighing, and cooking, enough for the next 7 days

-No more restaurant food, I am tire of all the variables. I want to be in control, and have a successful weight loss cure for life!!


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