Sunday, May 22, 2011

Radiation Protection Protocol

Protect your Body from Radiation!

Due to the recent earthquake in Japan and the damage caused to some of the Fukushima nuclear reactors, there is a possibility that some radioactive fallout will reach us here on the west coast. In order for you to be safe, there are some very effective precautions you can take.

Angel Chiropractic has developed a great protocol that reduces possible uptake of radioactive isotopes by your body.

The U.S. government is recommending potassium iodide pills for those exposed to radiation. This supplement is designed to block receptors in your thyroid gland from taking up radioactive iodine isotopes. Radioactive iodine is common in nuclear plant explosions, and the thyroid gland is highly susceptible to this type of contamination, especially in children. Contamination of this nature typically leads to thyroid cancer, as exhibited in Chernobyl.

Although these supplements are available at health food stores, they are often highly concentrated, and children and adults sensitive to iodine are likely to have an allergic reaction.

Angel Chiropractic Recommends:
Prolamine Iodine, a food-based supplement of potassium iodide in a lower concentration, that is an effective guard against radioactive contamination, but is well tolerated by most adults and children
Euluthero whole body prevention and immune support, designed to counteract the effects of radiation
Cataplex C, to protect cell membranes
Calama Plus, to boost immune function
Pectasol Chelation and Detox, an effective heavy metal chelation and radiation detoxifier
In addition, three cups of miso soup daily (unpasturized), with shitake mushrooms and seaweed added for additional detoxification.

We also recommend you take daily baths that include one cup of epsom salt and one cup of hydrogen peroxide. This will detoxify your skin and body, and is highly effective.

- Dr. Patricia Sheppard



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